Federal Tuition Assistance

Federal Tuition Assistance (TA) is a benefit paid to eligible members of the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard.  The Department of Defense (DoD) has given each service the ability to pay up to $250 per credit hour of the actual cost of tuition (no fees) during the fiscal year (1 October to 30 September).  TA is authorized for a one-degree program.  Service members cannot use TA for a 2nd equivalent or lower degree, i.e., no 2nd bachelor’s or master’s degree.  TA is paid directly to the school any time after the Last Day to Cancel Registration without “W” (100% refund).   Each service has its own criteria for eligibility, obligated service, the application process, and restrictions, please select your branch of service to begin your TA application process. 



Prior to enrolling, speak with your military service or Educational Services Officer (ESO) to ensure you make an informed decision.


Effective July 7, 2014, the DoD implemented the following policy:

  • Reimbursement criteria for non-successful course completion.  For the purpose of reimbursement, successful course completion is defined as a “C” or higher for UG courses, a “B” or higher for GR courses, and a “Pass” for “Pass/Fail” grades.
  • No fees, including supporting instructional fees will be paid using TA.  Only the actual cost of tuition will be funded.
  • TA must be requested PRIOR to the start date of the course.
    • Air Force, Army, and Navy Students:  TA requests must be submitted 7 DAYS before the term start date.
    • Coast Guard and Marine Students:  TA requests must be submitted 14 DAYS before the term start date.
  • TA will not be authorized for any course for which a service member receives reimbursement from any other federal source when the payment would constitute a duplication of benefits paid to the school.  Federal student aid loans, grants, and work-study programs will not be considered a duplication of benefit.


Service members must first be admitted to NMSU to register for classes.  Apply Online to complete the admissions process.  You may contact Undergraduate Admissions and Orientation at (575) 646-3121 by email at admissions@nmsu.edu or Graduate School at (575) 646-5746 by email at gradinfo@nmsu.edu for assistance.

Please be aware of our admission and registration process: (1) Service members must Apply Online to be admitted, (2) login to
myNMSU to register for classes, and (3) request Tuition Assistance according to your branch.  Prior to enrolling, speak with your military service or Educational Services Officer (ESO) to ensure you make an informed decision.  New Students be sure to explore Information for New Students and financial assistance through University Financial Aid and Scholarship Services.
On the basis of New Mexico House Bill 427 (2015), military service members of the Armed Forces of the United States (including dependent/spouse of a military service member) that are eligible for Department of Defense Tuition Assistance benefits and/or presently stationed within the exterior boundaries of the State of New Mexico, including Ft. Bliss, are eligible for in-state tuition rates under the federal law.

Students must complete the MVP Resident Tuition Waiver
form and submit it to MVP:
By email: mvp@nmsu.edu
By fax: (575) 646-1113

PDF: Federal TA flyer