Aggies Green Zone

Green Zone is defined as a military zone that has been secured as a “safe” place for military personnel.  Military and Veterans Programs created the Aggies Green Zone to help foster a safe and supportive environment where students feel welcomed and trusted during their transition from the military and throughout their educational journey.  The Aggies Green Zone training program aims to help faculty and staff understand the needs, experiences, and cultural issues affecting military and veteran students.  After completing the online training program (NMSU Training Central) and workshop training program (face-to-face, Teams, or Zoom), participants will receive a Certificate of Appreciation, and an invitation to become our Green Zone Ally.

Green Zone Allies are sympathetic faculty and staff members students can reach out for support.  Allies are not expected to be experts in military and veteran matters, but they can make a positive impact by lending a sympathetic ear and connecting students with appropriate resources.

Aggies Green Zone Allies are listed by name and contact information on the MVP website.  In recognition of being an Ally, you will receive an Aggies Green Zone sticker to display in your work area proudly.

Green Zone Allies are faculty and staff who:

  • Manage a classroom discussion around issues sensitive to military and veteran students
  • Recognize common indicators of post-deployment stress and, if necessary, refer them to appropriate support services (in and out of campus)

Resources:Aggies Green Zone Logo

Aggies Green Zone training program:

  1. Launch the online training program on NMSU Training Central
  2. Print Military and Veteran Support Services
  3. Print Do’s and Don’ts sheet
  4. Attend a workshop training program (Topics include: Issues that affect military/veteran students at NMSU, services offered at MVP, and points of contact for the MVP office).  Once you have completed the online training program, the MVP Office will reach out to you to schedule a time to complete the workshop training program.
  5. Invitation to become our Green Zone Ally
  6. Thank you for completing the Aggies Green Zone Program and becoming our Green Zone Ally!