Supplemental (Secondary School)

A student may take courses that apply to his or her degree at more than one school.  The school that will grant the degree is the student’s “parent” school.  All other schools are the “secondary” schools.

VA can pay benefits for courses taken at secondary schools.  If the student is only enrolled at the secondary school (supplemental enrollment), VA will pay for the credits taken at the secondary school.  If the student is enrolled at the parent school and the secondary school at the same time (concurrent enrollment), VA will pay for the combined credit, taking overlapping enrollment dates into account.

Approval from the parent institution must be requested before enrolling at the other institution.

What you must do if you are attending another school

  1. Obtain a signed Advising Agreement document or Secondary Enrollment Form from your advisor that lists the courses you are taking at the secondary school and the courses that NMSU will accept as transfer work towards your degree program.
  2. Submit the signed Advising Agreement document or Secondary Enrollment Form to Military and Veterans Programs.
  3. At the end of the secondary school term, submit an official transcript to NMSU Undergraduate Admissions (this is solely the responsibility of the student, not the secondary school).  If grades are not received to confirm courses were successfully completed a termination of benefits may occur which will create an overpayment to the student.

Our responsibility

  1. Confirm courses are required towards student’s degree program.
  2. Provide Parent Letter to the Secondary School.
  3. Ensure that courses were successfully completed and that a copy of an evaluated academic transcript is in the student’s file.

The secondary school will process and submit the certification to the student’s Regional Processing Office.  If you have any problems or questions regarding payments during this enrollment, you must contact your secondary school.