Failing Grades and Repeating Courses

Failing Grades

VA pays for courses that are required and in pursuit* of degree programs.  Any course in which an “F” grade is received will require that the student attend to the last day of classes.  MVP will confirm last date of attendance from our Banner system.

*The term “pursuit” means to work, while enrolled, toward the objective of a program of education.  VA calculates rate of pursuit by dividing the credit hours being pursued by the number of credit considered to be full-time by the school.  The resulting percentage is the student’s rate of pursuit).

Repeating Courses

Classes that are successfully completed may not be certified again for VA purposes if they are repeated.  However, if a student fails a class, or if a program requires a higher grade than the one achieved in a particular class for successful completion, that class may be repeated and certified to VA again.

Example 1: if a Nursing program requires a “B” or better in Biology, then that class may be repeated if a “B” or better was not earned.  That requirement must be in the school catalog.

Example 2: If a course is required for graduation, a student may repeat the course and be certified for it until it is successfully completed.  No further information needs to be provided to VA regarding those courses.

Example 3: If a student chooses to repeat a course that was successfully completed, just to improve their GPA, that course cannot be certified to VA.