Green Zone Allies






Green Zone Allies are not expected to be experts in military and veteran services, but they can lend a sympathetic ear and connect the student with appropriate resources within the campus or in the community. A Green Zone Ally is someone who our military and veteran students can reach out to for help and guidance at New Mexico State University.

Thank you for being a supportive and caring resource for our military and veteran students!


Aggie Health and Wellness Center
Sara Guidetti Mid-level Practice Generalist 575-646-1512
ALCC Reg Academic Instruction (Alamogordo Community College)
David MacWilliams Faculty 575-439-3671
Center for Academic Advising and Student Support
Justine Adkisson Acad Advisor, Ld 575-646-3799
Jarod Gonzalez Acad Advisor 575-646-5674
Jeff Hackney Acad Advisor, Ld 575-646-1564
Stephanie Miller Acad Advisor 575-646-3142
Joseph Molina Acad Advisor 575-646-2941
Sang Nguyen Acad Advisor 575-646-7221
John Shonk Acad Advisor 575-646-6028
Jana Williams Acad Advisor 575-646-2941
Center for Learning & Professional Development
Jennifer Gabel Univ Training Specialist, Sr 575-646-7445
Criminal Justice
Dennis Giever Acad Dept Head 575-646-3316
DACC Nursing Associate Degree Program (Dona Ana Community College)
Tara Rooff Faculty 575-527-7630
Graduate School
Rita Beckman Admin Asst, Sr 575-646-5745
Hotel Restaurant and Tourism Management
Daren Bloomquist Faculty 575-646-5987
Jean Hertzman Acad Dept Head 575-646-5752
Undergraduate Admissions and Orientation
Madeleine Daugherty Admissions Advisor 575-646-5545
Austin Gentry Admissions Advisor 575-646-4599
Jacque Kennedy Admissions Advisor, Sr (ABQ) 575-646-0309
Claire Montoya Admissions Advisor, Sr 575-646-3121
Jacob Rardin Admissions Advisor, Sr (ABQ) 575-646-0333
Danielle Staley Assc Dir, Admissions 575-646-1879
University Accounts Receivable
Diana Castañeda UAR Coordinator 575-646-7080
University Financial Aid and Scholarship Services
Paul Aragon Financial Aid Advisor 575-646-1732
Sherri Garcia Program Coord 575-646-2539
Liz Vigil Financial Aid Advisor 575-646-4105
University Student Records
Krystal Espinoza Registra/Admission Spec 575-646-4798
Debbie Giron Data Management Specialist 575-646-2439
Sandra McKay Registra/Admission Spec 575-646-3413
Marie Misquez Data/Records Coord 575-646-4799
Lorraine Ortega Data/Records Coord 575-646-4482
Bertha Perez Registra/Admission Spec 575-646-1724
Shanna Porter Registra/Admission Spec 575-646-4890
Dacia Sedillo Assc VPres/Enrollment Mgmt 575-646-5690
Barbara Tellez Registra/Admission Spec 575-646-6101
Marissa Zamora Registra/Admission Spec 575-646-4457