Green Zone Allies







Aggies Green Zone Allies are empathetic faculty and staff members students can reach out to for support.  Allies are not expected to be experts in military and veteran services, but they can make a positive impact by lending a sympathetic ear or connecting students to appropriate resources.  Thank you for being a supportive and caring resource for our military and veteran students!


Green Zone Allies are faculty and staff who:

  • Manage a classroom discussion around issues sensitive to military and veterans students
  • Recognize common indicators of post-deployment stress and, if necessary, refer them to appropriate support services
  • Summarize the unique strengths of military and veteran students




Aggie Health and Wellness Center
Sara Guidetti Mid-level Practice Generalist 575-646-1512
Albuquerque Center
Madeleine Daugherty Admissions Advisor 575-646-5545
Jacque Kennedy Admissions Advisor, Sr 575-646-0309
Jacob Rardin Admissions Advisor, Sr 575-646-0333
Michael Vaughn Program  Manager,Sr 505-889-9883
ALCC Reg Academic Instruction (Alamogordo Community College)
David MacWilliams Faculty 575-439-3671
Center for Academic Advising and Student Support
Jarod Gonzalez Acad Advisor 575-646-5674
Joseph Molina Acad Advisor 575-646-2941
John Shonk Acad Advisor, Ld 575-646-6028
Jana Williams Acad Advisor 575-646-2941
Center for Learning & Professional Development
Jennifer Gabel Univ Training Specialist, Sr 575-646-7445
Stephanie Miller Univ Training Spec,Sr 575-646-7451
Criminal Justice
Dennis Giever Acad Dept Head 575-646-3316
DACC Advising Services (Dona Ana Community College)
Jeff Hackney Acad Advisor, Ld 575-646-1564
DACC Nursing Associate Degree Program (Dona Ana Community College)
Tara Rooff Faculty 575-527-7630
Graduate School
Rita Beckman Admin Asst, Sr 575-646-5745
Barbara Tellez Student Program Coord 575-646-6101
Hotel Restaurant and Tourism Management
Daren Bloomquist Faculty 575-646-5987
Jean Hertzman Acad Dept Head 575-646-5752
Undergraduate Admissions and Orientation
Austin Gentry Admissions Advisor 575-646-4599
Claire Montoya Univ Family Outreach Advisor 575-646-3121
Lorraine Ortega Data/Records Coord 575-646-4482
Danielle Staley Assc Dir, Admissions 575-646-1879
Bertha Perez Registra/Admission Spec 575-646-1724
Marissa Zamora Registra/Admission Spec 575-646-4457
University Accounts Receivable
Diana Castañeda UAR Coordinator 575-646-7080
University Financial Aid and Scholarship Services
Paul Aragon Financial Aid Advisor 575-646-1732
Sherri Garcia Program Coord 575-646-2539
Liz Vigil Fin Aid Outreach Advisor 575-646-4105
University Student Records
Krystal Espinoza Registra/Admission Spec 575-646-4798
Debbie Giron Assc Registrar,Client Spt Svcs 575-646-2439
Sandra McKay Registra/Admission Spec 575-646-3413
Marie Misquez Data/Records Coord 575-646-4799
Shanna Porter Registra/Admission Spec 575-646-4890
Dacia Sedillo University Registrar 575-646-5690