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State Tuition Assistance (STA)

New Mexico National Guard’s Tuition Scholarship Program (NMNGTSP) also referred to as State Tuition Assistance (STA)

The scholarship provides eligible members of the New Mexico National Guard an opportunity to pursue and complete up to a bachelor’s degree (coursework above a bachelor’s degree is not authorized). STA will pay up to 100% per semester towards the cost of tuition and distance learning fees during the fiscal year (July 1 – June 30). STA applies to students pursuing their first bachelor’s degree (no second equivalent or lower degree is allowed). STA is paid directly to the school and is invoiced after the Last Day to Drop a Class. However, members must exhaust their Federal TA before they will be awarded State TA. For billing and invoice questions, please contact University Accounts Receivable at (575) 646-7080.

State Tuition Assistance Deadlines:
Fall Semester – August 1st
Spring Semester – December 15th
Summer Semester – May 15th

Please send the following documents (to the email address listed below):

  • AGONMJC Form 2171-R
  • Statement of Understanding (SOU)
  • Degree Plan (DP)
  • Concise Student Schedule – available in your myNMSU account
  • Registration Fee Assessment – available in your myNMSU account

You MUST then mail or hand deliver the following ORIGINAL documents (to the address below):

  • AGONMJC Form 2171-R
  • Statement of Understanding (SOU)

In order to be approved and receive funding, the applying member must mail, hand deliver, or email, a copy of previous semester grades within 30 days of course completion (no exceptions) to:

Army National Guard Air National Guard
Department of Military Affairs Base Education and Training Manager
NMARNG-Education Office 2251 Air Guard Rd
10 Bataan Blvd Office #346 Albuquerque, NM 87116
Santa Fe, NM 87508
CSM (ret) Richard A Bryant Fax: (505) 853-7948
(505) 474-1384 (emails subject to change w/o notice)
richard.a.bryant.civ@mail.mil renee.oswald.3@us.af.mil

You must read and understand AGONM Joint Circular 621-5, dated 01 October 2014, as required in the Statement of Understanding (SOU).  This circular describes National Guard policies, requirements and procedures for the New Mexico National Guard’s Tuition Scholarship Program (NMNGTSP) or State Tuition Assistance (STA).